Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Still Here ... Limping Along

After spending all last weekend restoring my computer, it became unstable again, so I switched over to my old computer, which we had saved as a spare. My pretty little laptop is going to have to have some warranty work done and will likely be out of service for several weeks.

My old computer is slower, and I can't upload pictures from my digital camera yet, as I have to install the software. I hope to have some time to do that this weekend.

It was another busy week with lots of work, and some time spent keeping my aunt company at the hospital while my uncle underwent some procedures. This is the uncle who had his leg amputated in December. He is in a nursing home for rehab, but he has developed some other medical issues, and his mental status has deteriorated alarmingly, and he's just not doing very well.

We're having some spring weather here, which has been a nice mood brightener. The thing about having nice spring-like weather in March here is that we're still likely to have at least one big snowstorm left before spring gets here for real! You just never know in Michigan!! I've decided to just enjoy it while it lasts!!

Some good news ... March 3 marked 2 months smoke free for me. I'm feeling really good about that, especially given the stress of the last couple of weeks. There were more than a few times when it would have been so easy to go back to it!! But we didn't ... and we got through it.

I think, since it's so pretty today, I might go out and wander around the yard with my camera today and see if I can find any signs of spring. My tulips and daffodils often poke their tips out right under the snow, so maybe I can find a little green. And I think I saw buds on our star magnolia, which usually is the first thing in the yard to bloom ... before it's even warm enough to get out in the yard and enjoy it!!


Shari said...

Hi Terri! Good to hear from you. Sorry about your computer woes. Hope it eventually sorts out.

Too bad about your uncle. Hope his situation improves.

Glad to hear of a few signs of spring. I know it's been a long winter for you.

Congratulations on two months smoke free. That is just so hard and I just want to send you every encouragement to keep it up. And every encouragement to face the other difficulties you're confronted with at the moment. Be strong, be brave...

Hugs - Shari

Needled Mom said...

2 months???? Awesome. Good for you.

Computer problems are such nightmares. I hope you can get it straightened out soon.