Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year ... Looking Forward

There's something about starting a new year. A feeling of new beginnings, endless possibilities, washing away the old and embracing the new. 2010 wasn't one of our best years. In fact, the whole decade kind of stunk!! Beginning 2011 is like taking a breath of fresh air.

I have high hopes for 2011. I won't call them resolutions ... I'll call them goals, but I have big plans for this year!!

In September, I joined Weight Watchers. By Christmas, I'd lost 30 pounds. I still have a long way to go. I don't think of it as a diet, more as a change in lifestyle, a way of eating that is healthier. This time around, I'm learning to understand that I can lose weight and still eat the foods that I love, just in moderation. I'm learning to forgive myself when I slip up, and move on, and the weight will come off. I want to keep up the momentum!!

I'm trying to be more active, which is saying a lot since it seems that the last few years, I've been so out of shape that getting dressed was a workout!! When we moved here, I couldn't stand long enough to prepare a meal without getting back pain. I had a hard time walking to our parking spot. The first few weeks after we moved, my knees hurt so bad, I was afraid I'd made a terrible mistake moving into a townhouse with three levels. But I got used to it. It's been slow progress, but I am making progress. The stairs don't bother me any more, I'm up and down them a dozen times a day. I walk my dogs every night after supper. Not real far yet, only about 10 to 15 minutes. And for the first time in 5 years, I did my grocery shopping without using an Amigo scooter. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a lot for me.

I finally got my sewing studio set up, just in time to make some Christmas gifts. I still need to do some organizing, but it's usable. I've been working on UFOs and I'll have some pictures to post of those, and some of the Christmas gifts I made tomorrow.

Living in less clutter means housekeeping is easier, and I'm finding some balance in my life again, with time to enjoy leisure activities. That had been sorely missing from my life for a long time. Now I have time to sew, to knit, to read. I'm baking our own bread again, and cooking fresh foods.

In 2011, I'm going to learn to knit socks.

I'm going to start playing the electronic keyboard again.

I'm going to finish at least one UFO a month.

I'm going to work up to walking 30 minutes a day.

I'm going to go to my youngest son's graduation from college and not have to worry about how far I'll have to walk to get to our seats.

I'm going to find some kind of volunteer work to do.

And if things go as planned ... I'm going to be a grandma.

Life is good!!

Until next time ...


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