Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Bake-Off

Today my daughter-in-law came over and we baked cookies. I had mixed up several varieties yesterday, so we baked them all off today. First up, chocolate crinkles. I wasn't going to make these this year, but Honey requested them special ... so what could I do??

Here's some giant Snickerdoodles waiting for their turn in the oven.
And of course, everybody's favorite, sugar cookies.
Waiting to be decorated.

We were nearing the end of our marathon baking session when I opened the oven to take out a cookie sheet, and the heating element in my oven was burning. We turned off the oven, and Honey went downstairs to turn off the circuit breaker, but it kept burning for a few minutes. It finally went out, after burning up about 4 inches of the element and putting my oven out of commission. KT and I packed up our cookie sheets and the rest of the unbaked cookies and took them to her house to finish them up.

So my oven is broken, and I guess I'm done baking cookies. I said I was going to cut back this year didn't I? Honey has already ordered the new element, so it will be fixed soon and maybe I can sneak in some chewy chocolate cookies and some gingersnaps before Christmas.

Tomorrow I'll start packaging up a few cookie gifts for friends, and I'll put some in the freezer to keep for the Poet when he comes for a visit a few days after Christmas. The Wonder Child will be finished with exams and home from school on Tuesday, so I imagine between he and Honey, they'll make short work of them!!

I'm tired tonight, but I had fun spending the day with KT, and it's nice to be able to cross something off my list of things to do!!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.



Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....what a bad time for the oven to go out! Mine did that last year right before I had a big dinner party planned. My repairman came out and saved the day for me. Thank goodness.

I'll bet you are tired after your day - pleasantly tired.

Have a good week.

Shari said...

At least the cookies didn't burn!! They look great! We are stonger through adversity so those cookies will taste even better! Lucky recipients...

Sara said...

Don't you just hate it when the oven goes out at a major holiday.

I will be baking some cookies in the next few weeks - nothing much. Making some as a Christmas present.

Put the binding on my daughter's quilt and started sewing it down...going to finish it today.