Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Project and other Stuff

I started the quilt for my new great nephew this week. I got a few blocks done on Sunday. I have about 1/3 of them finished. I took the advice of a fellow blogger who told me this is my hobby and it's somethine I should enjoy doing, and that I DON'T have to finish all my other projects before I start something new!!

I received this cute little quilt in the mail from my partner for the January Swap Til U Drop. The theme for this month was Sing It, Watch It, Read It. There were some really outstanding quilts submitted for this theme. You can check them out at the groups Flickr phot stream here

Here's the one I sent to her. It's sort of self explanatory!!


Busy, busy day today so I'd better get back to work. I get to spend the night at the hospital tonight having a sleep study. Fun and more fun! Trying to have sweet dreams with wires attached to you everywhere!!

Have a good day!!



Lurline said...

Oh, I'm anxious to see how the sleep study goes - doesn't sound too good to me!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like a fun project. I love the wording on the January swap quilts.

Shari said...

Love the blue and yellow combo...

Sleep study sounds interesting - hopefully you won't need one of those machines!

Carol Reese said...

Sleep studies are not much fun, but I ended up with a CPAP machine, and it does help me a lot even though I only use it about 4 hours a night.

Joyce said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty guilty about all the fabric. The only good thing is, if I start a project in the middle of the night, I can usually find exactly what I want at home.

Sara said...

I agree w/ your friend's philosophy. Unfortunately, I have a hard time applying it to myself. I tend to stress over finishing one project before I start another.
Good luck w/ the sleep study!
I love the swap pieces (sent and received). Jan was my 1st month participating in STUD - love it.
I'll wave as we pass thru Saginaw (I'm from metro Detroit and now live in central NY but go home often (and up north each summer)).