Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Furry Family

This is Scooter. The Old Curmudgeon. He's quite a character. He hates the cats, and every time Peanut and the cats start to play together he breaks it up. He hates Peanut too, most of the time. But let anybody threaten any of his "girls" and he's right there!!

This is Peanut. She's our Princess. She has Honey in serious puppy love, although she's no longer a puppy. She's like having a live teddy bear.

Below, are Peanut and Maggie playing in the grass. They get along pretty well.

This is Chloe. Sitting on my computer. While I was trying to work. She likes it there because it's nice and warm. Makes it tough to get any work done, though!!

And those are our furry children. We have three human children too, all grown now. I'll introduce you to them another time!!


sammy_bunny said...

Very cute! And showing pictures of the furry kids before the human ones is the mark of a pet lover.

Jeanne said...

Love your furry kids! We have two cats, Jasper and Annie. They sure keep us entertained.

MYRA said...

What would we do without our furry family members...? They are adorable. I have 2 fur girls myself. They fight like siblings...