Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

I'm sorry to say I haven't been in my sewing room all week. I've been laid low by the mother of all sinus headaches. I tend to be prone to sinus infections, but this is strange. I'm not congested. My nose isn't running. I have no cold symptoms, no fever and really no symptoms of an infection. I really don't feel sick, except that the whole right side of my head hurts. My face hurts, my ear hurts, my teeth ache!! I've been pushing lots of fluids, taking pain medication, using my Neti pot and warm compresses, and finally, today, I'm feeling some relief.

I'm thinking it could be the weather. We've had quite a cold snap here, with wind chill temperatures nearing 15 below zero. I think there's something about the barometric pressure when it gets that cold that plays havoc with my sinuses!! Between not feeling well, and the bitter cold, not only have I not been out of the house all week ... a couple of those days, I didn't even get dressed!!

The Whirl Into Winter Giveaway ends today. The winner of my table runner is Priscilla, from New Zealand. I think it's so exciting that a piece of my handiwork will be gracing a table on the other side of the world!! What an opportunity this blogging is to make friends all over the globe.



Priscilla said...

I'm sorry you aren't well, thats never any fun, I hope you feel better soon.
I'm really looking forward to displaying your table runner! I was so excited when I read my emails :o)

Sara said...

I am so sorry to hear you are under the weather - but, I have to agree with you that it is the changes in the weather cause my sinuses have been kicking up too.

It's just no fun when you feel like that!

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better and can get back to creativity.