Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Weekend

I went to Ann Arbor on Saturday to visit my sister. She's doing very well, but was having kind of a down day. I think my being there helped, and then she had some other visitors that helped brighten her spirits. She should be discharged in a couple of days and she'll be much happier once she's out of the hospital!! She hates it there!!

I started quilting the Christmas tree skirt Saturday night. I decided to try free motion quilting again. It went very well until I got about half the center done, and then I started having tension problems again. This time, I was able to recognize it right away, and stopped, so there was only an inch or two to tear out, which wasn't bad. I tried it a couple more times, with the same result, so I decided to put it away and try again on Sunday.

I had to work some today, and then we had to run a couple of errands, so I didn't get back at it until this evening. I changed my needle, cleaned out all the lint from the bobbin area, rethreaded the machine and tried again. It went beautifully, and I got the whole thing quilted in a couple of hours!! I'm really pleased with it and think I'm getting the hang of free motion quilting!! Her it is all quilted. I guess the quilting doesn't show up real good. I'll get better pictures when it's finished.

I think I'm going to cut off the corners to make it an octagon shape ... more like a skirt, and I stil have to cut the center hole and bind it. I'll start that tomorrow.

My next couple of projects are all straight line quilting so I won't have an opportunity to do the free motion again right away, but I'm definitely going to try it again. I love the look of the meandering. Who knows, maybe I'll get good enough to do something besides meandering!!

I have a busy week ahead, so I'm not sure how much sewing I'll get done. I'd like to have the Wonder Child's curtains done by Thursday when he comes home again. We'll see!!

Have a great day.



Lurline's Place said...

You are doing so well, Terri, and such a lot of quilting, too! I can't free-motion quilt - would love to but just CAN'T!
Hugs - Lurline!

Sara said...

I was going to suggest that you turn off and retread the machine when you get that tension thing going on.

I learned how to do that when my machine would do those crazy things@!

The tree skirt is really pretty.