Thursday, November 6, 2008

This 'N That

I've spent most of my sewing time this week working on a mini quilt for Swap Til You Drop, so I can't show that yet, so as not to spoil the surprise. In between, I've been putting finishing touches on a couple of other projects. This is another dishtowel I did. They have these plain white waffle weave dish towels at WalMart, a package of 2 for a couple of dollars, and then I fancy them up. They're fun, and quick to do, and I think they'll make nice little Christmas gifts.

I also took one of my old projects .. the Card Tricks block, put some binding on it and made a mini quilt out of it. I think I'm going to do that with my other odd blocks from years ago. I might as well display them instead of having them sitting in a drawer!! And I've been playing around with designing quilt labels. I've never labeled my quilts, although I did sign a couple of them that I gave as gifts years ago. I designed this one on my computer. I used a label template, inserted some graphics and typed in the information. Then, I ironed some freezer paper onto a piece of muslin, cut it to fit in my inkjet printer and printed it off. You have to be sure and heat set the ink with a hot iron so it doesn't wash out, but it worked pretty well. It's kind of a neat way to have a custom label. I'm still searching for the right graphic to use as my "signature" label. Until I come across just the right thing, I'll just enjoy some variety.
The weather continues to be unseasonably warm. I'm not sure it's going to last much longer, but it sure has been nice. The peak of fall color is past, but there is still a lot of color to be seen. I really enjoy it when fall hangs around for a bit longer than usual. I love everything about it. The brilliant colors, the sounds of flocks of migrating geese, the smell of burning leaves, the echoes of the marching band from the nearby high school on Friday night football games, the crisp morning air. It's my favorite time of year!!



Needled Mom said...

The dishtowels are great. The fabric really does dress them up.

The quilt labels are awfully cute. I have had better luck using the fabric sheets in the packages than I have using my own. Repeated washing sets better on the packaged sheets for me.

It sounds like your warm days will come to an end with that big storm heading your way. It sounds like a perfect weekend to lock up in a sewing room. :)

Sara said...

Oh, I think I like the idea of doing me some dishtowels for Christmas gifts...

Do you cut the towel or do you put your quilt design on top of the towel and then sew it down?

Curious minds want to know!!!!

I'm also thinking that maybe I could buy some of that fabric...