Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been a busy couple of days. Lots of work, lots of sewing. Honey and I were supposed to go to a football game last night. The Township Fire Department and the coaches at a local Catholic High School played a football game to raise money for breast cancer research. Big Guy was on the Fire Department's team. It was only 34 degrees though, and these old bones aren't up to sitting in the stands watching a football game in that kind of weather, so we sent a check for a donation to the cause and begged off going to the game. I understand a good time was had by all, though, and the Fire Department lost ... (Big Guy says the coaches had some ringers on their team ... former students who are college and professional athletes!!) He's never been a graceful loser!! It was all for a good cause though ... and he didn't injure himself, which I'm thankful for. You know how guys are ... he still has a vision of himself as the high school football star he used to be .... 10 years ago!!

My order from JoAnn's arrived so as soon as I finish the quilt top for my sister, I'll be making lounge pants for the kids for Christmas. I also got this book on paper piecing mini-quilts. I can't wait to try one, but I have some other things to finish first.

This is the fabric I got to make lounge pants for the Wonder Child. He's a sports nut, and a budding photojournalist, so this was perfect for him.
Ladybugs for my new daughter-in-law.
And for the Big Guy, the fire fighter and emergency medical technician .... emergency vehicles!! I can't wait to see his face when he gets these!!
The Poet and his fiance live in Florida, so flannel lounge pants aren't really suitable for them, but I'll find some lightweight fabric to do some for them too ... maybe shorts!!

So, I have plenty on my plate and don't see myself running out of projects any time soon!! If only work and housecleaning didn't eat into my crafting time!!

Have a great day!!



Needled Mom said...

I a no show for cold football games as well.

Sounds like you will have your plate full with sewing projects. You will love the paper piecing as it looks so stunning when completed. Have fun.

Kaya said...

I can hardly wait to see what you create with this festive fabric collection. I may have to stop by Joann and buy some for myself.