Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Oldies and a new craft.

I unearthed some more old projects in various stages of completion. This is a wall hanging I made, probably in about 1985 or so. Have you ever just wanted to sew something, but didn't want to start a big project, or spend a lot of money. This was one of those. I made it from scraps from other projects. It was my first attempt at applique and is hand quilted. It hung on my living room wall for a few years, and then got packed away when I redecorated. I think I'll hang it in my sewing room along with the new mini quilts I'm making now.
The next few are blocks that I made, probably in the late 1980s. I never really had a plan for what to do with these. They were more to practice piecing and hand quilting than to end up in a finished project. I think I'll go ahead and quilt this one, and put bindings on the others and make mini-quilts out of them too. I cant remember what the name of most of these blocks are, but except for the last one, they are all from a Judy Martins Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns.

The next one is Card Tricks. I've always loved this block. I made this from leftover fabrics from a Double Irish Chain baby quilt I gave to a friend in 1990 or so. Again, to practice my piecing and hand quilting. I'd like to make a whole quilt out of Card Tricks one day.

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