Sunday, October 26, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

It was a cold and rainy weekend, but I didn't have to work, and any weekend I don't have to work is a good one!! I made some homemade chicken noodle soup on Saturday, and we had that for dinner, with some of that crusty bread. Great supper for a cold and rainy Saturday. I spent the afternoon in the sewing room. I decided to leave the free motion quilting alone for a bit, so I worked on a Christmas gift I had planned. Everything turned out really well and I was pleased with what I accomplished. I'll post pictures with my Finished by Friday post this week.

Today, I worked on laundry and packing up my summer clothes, and unpacking and putting away my winter ones. It's time, I guess. We may get a warm day here and there, but winter is on the way. There's even snow flurries in the forecast for this week, although I think if we do get some, it won't accumulate much. Honey and I went shopping for a few things. I got myself a work light for the sewing room. I really needed better light in there, and this really does the trick. I also got some new pajamas, cozy pink fleece with cupcakes all over them!! I had to throw away my favorite pajamas on Friday. I was putting them on, and lost my balance a bit, and my foot went right through the seat of them!! The fabric was so thin, it just sort of disintegrated!! (I did say they were my favorite!!) So Honey said I should buy some new ones ... and I did. Honey calls me "Cupcake" when I wear them!!

I spent some time this afternoon in the sewing room. I worked on quilting the other baby quilt. It's all straight lines, so I didn't have to worry about any problems like I had trying to free motion quilt the other one. I got it about half done and needed to take a break. I hope to finish it this week and have a picture for Friday too.

We had a great dinner! Honey and I like to cook together. We made a pork loin roast, with mashed potatoes, acorn squash and roasted apples. He had work to do this evening, so I cleaned up the kitchen, and then made a cup of coffee and curled up with a magazine. A nice way to end the weekend.

I hope yours was great too!


Lurline's Place said...

Seems funny, Terri - I'm in the throes of packing away my winter clothes - so much nicer to have less washing now the warm wether is coming. So pleased you had a nice relaxed weekend!
Hugs - lurline.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Wishes for a good week to come too.

Sara said...

Sonds like you had a great weekend. I'm getting ready to leave on a quilting retreat in the morning....