Monday, October 6, 2008

Works in Progress ...

I spent the weekend working on a few projects and starting to work on my sewing room. Honey talked me out of trying do use a corner of the basement. He reminded me how cold it gets down there in the winter and how much work it would be to accomplish, so we settled on the spare bedroom instead. The Wonder Child came home from school for the weekend, so Big Guy came over and they moved some furniture around for me. Big Guy is off work on Wednesday, so he's going to come over and help set up my table. In the meantime, I tried to do some sorting through boxes of fabric and supplies that I've had stored and trying to get a handle on just what I have!!

This is what will eventually be my sewing room. Looks like something exploded in there right now doesn't it?
I did make some time to do a little sewing too. This is a table topper I started on some years ago. I decided it would be a good project to finish up and practice my machine quilting on. I had a LOT of this fabric. I think I bought the whole bolt!! I made a swag valance for my big living room window out of it, a couple of throw pillows for the couch, a solid table topper, six placemats, and this. I still have quite a few good sized pieces left, but I think I'm going to cut them up for scraps. I'm kind of sick of this fabric!!!

I also cut and pieced this quilt top. I need to add borders yet. My nephew and his wife are expecting a baby in November and if it's a girl, I'll send them this one and if it's a boy, I'll send them the other one.

This one would be for a boy. Neither of them will go to waste. I like doing baby quilts. They're small and quick to do and they make nice practice for someone like me, just getting back into sewing!!
Tried free motion quilting for the first time this weekend too. I ordered a darning foot for my machine and it came in, so I put together a couple of practice pieces and went to town. Boy is it fun!!! My pieces aren't worthy of showing anybody yet, but I learned to adjust my tension to get that right, and sort of got the hang of how to move the quilt. I can't wait to do more!!!
I have a busy work week, so don't know how much sewing I'll be able to do, and frankly, it's a bit annoying!! That special project has turned into a longer term thing .. so I'm actually going to have to work full days this week!! Just when I was getting used to half days!! Luckily I can do it in my pajamas!!
I did get a few minutes at the machine tonight and made a pin cushion and a fabric bowl. I need to finish up the hand sewing on them, so no pictures until I do that. I'll finish those up while I watch Heroes tonight.


Needled Mom said...

You just need to put on some calming music and let your body flow with the You'll be hooked before for good machine quilting. I find the more tense I am...the more jerky my stitching is.

It sounds like you are enjoying this craft.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's beautiful work,

Gill in Canada