Monday, October 13, 2008

Things I Learned at My Sewing Machine

If you forget to change your straight stitch foot for your zigzag foot when doing a zigzag stitch you WILL break a needle!!

The number of things you drop on the floor is in direct proportion to how stiff you are that day and how difficult it is for you to bend over and pick them up!!

When you are working with white fabric, you will stab yourself with a pin and bleed all over it. (Note to self --- keep a stash of band aids near the sewing machine)

Don't wave a rotary cutter around in your hand (and hit your knuckle with it and bleed profusely .... again). (Another note to self --- switch to the rotary cutter with the retractable blade).

I spent a some time over the weekend reaquainting myself with my sewing machine. and except for the above mentioned injuries, it was very worthwhile. Honey bought this machine for me probably 10 years ago to replace my circa 1972 Kenmore. It does all kinds of things. I've never used it much, except for mending, so I thought it would be a good idea to find out what she can do!! I practiced all the different stitches. Even tried some embroidery and smocking, which was kind of fun!!

I practiced more machine quilting. I'm improving ... slowly, but I sure have a good time doing it!! The quilting is pretty amateurish, but we'll use the placemats, and it was good practice.

I used some scrap fabrics to make some things to help me be organized in my sewing room. I did cozies for my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

I'm in serious stash building mode, and I think I bought about 30 yards of fabric last week. Lots of fat quarters and 1 yard cuts. I also bought a small cutting board that flips over to an ironing surface. Much easier than dragging out the big ironing board when working on piecing small bits. I got a square and a smaller ruler, also easier when working on small stuff. I told Honey that would be it for a while, but I think I lied. I want to hit up a local quilt shop I've heard good things about. I'd like to see what classes they offer and see if there is anything I might like to take.

I'll post some pictures later today.


Vicki said...

Ouch, rotary cutters can be dangerous. Sounds like you have had fun. I am just teaching myself to maching quilt after years of hand quilting. The best advice I recieved from the local quilt shop is you will find the "feel" on your maching, the speed of the needle vs. moving the fabric (I found the needle needs to go faster than I think)

Dandelion Quilts said...

Oh my! I like your lessons and can relate to many. I know that I often say I am done buying material. . .but can you really ever have enough?

Holly said...

When can we consider ourselves quilters and not amateurs anymore? My free motion quilting leaves alot to be desired. LOL.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Buy some stash for me. My stash building is on hold.

Jessica said...

I have broken many needles by switching stitches but forgetting to switch feet!!! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ your bumble bee quilt story brought tears to my eyes!